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PPC Campaign Setup - Building the brand

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Pay per click Optimisteq Digital help your PPC Marketing by setting up specialist PPC Campaigns for your business.   Objective   Our main objective is to provide value based solutions for your business that increase engagement to ensure that your niche is not advertised using generic statistics. We work with clients towards a common goal in an organised and productive way that enables our clients to get the most out of their advertising budget. PPC Campaign Background Requirements Not everyone is savvy when it comes to creating targeted campaigns at a minimum we would expect you to know these 5 basic attributes before starting your PPC campaign.   Verified Google Ads Account (15 - 20 Mins) Basic Keyword Research (1hr - 3hrs) Your Company's Value Proposition (USP) (1Hr) Ideal Customer Identification (1Hr - 2 Hrs) Tracking and Analytics (1 Hr - 1.5 Hrs)   Setting up a pay per click campaign can seem daunting at first. Pay per click or PPC, objective is to increase your leads and drives more traffic to your site and each time a potential client clicks on your link you get charged.   Our PPC Services   PPC Campaigns can be very effective in bringing the customers to you based on searches that are related to your business and or your competitors with budgets that range from £500 per month to over £10,000 and beyond…   Our PPC services include PPC Audit and Setup PPC Management PPC Optimisation   With that in mind, if you are still unsure or you require professional help, then Contact Us Today!
Social Media Marketing in todays world is essntial for businesses versus traditionally accepted methods of advertising business. If you have a product to sell your analytics of data is also essential for you as a business so that you can position yourself in the correct fashion online. Although marketing and promotion methodologies remain essentially unchanged, the online space allows you to target the correct customers, increase awareness and capture potential new leads leading to sales. Contrary to popular belief, Social Media is not as difficult as it first seems. Usability has become a critical need and sites such as Wordpress,Square space and Shopify allow users to easily build a site using drag and drop functionality and post content to the site without the headache of redesigning the whole website. So you want to build a Brand? Vision is the key to success. Prerequisites What do you need in place to start your social media ? Website Email Address Choose Platform Social Media Accounts Relevant Ad Accounts Memory!         The SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC Memory Card + SD Adapter with A1 App Performance up to 100MB/s, Class 10, U1 this is a start, if you haven't already upgraded your phones memory to handle the amount of pictures and videos your about to take. Light Box For Products!       The Portable Photo Studio Box perfectly suitable for shooting small products such as Food Items, Toys, Jewelry, Watch etc with this photo studio kit USB a or battery pack to power and excellent white led light. Hosting Options!    
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Digital Marketing 2019 - Cutting The Fat

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All Hands On Desk - Your Adwords Quality Score.

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Great Quality Score is achieved by Addressing theses three points. Landing Page (Squeeze Page) Click Through Rate (CTR)  Ad Relevance In Search Doubleing your Return is achieveable Your Traffic Potential Can Be Seen Without Spending A Penny With A Thorough Keyword Research. To figure out if this style of paid advertising is suitable for your business, get in touch.
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Marketing Social Tools for the FUTURE.

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From the Forbes Website, it has been said that within the top ten tools these three are basic tools that if you haven't already thought about how to manage and maintain your presence. HootSuite.  Buffer. ... Google Analytics.