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Making Your Content Human Readable Low conversions from Ad Spend In this segment we are looking at making your publications consistent and readable. To contour your ad ideas and budget to your target which ultimately is the goal. Correcting the poorly performaing campaigns that lead to wasted clicks is essential and every click costs you money. Most ad companies have you locked into lenghty contracts, so big changes to your campaigns are subject to the terms and conditions that have been agreed. Get into their Shoes By creating exact or as close as personas profiles is probably the greatest starting point for any campaign as this could be the difference between converting and confusing your potential leads. You are probably reading this article because you have the following; Website Targeted Ads Ton of Traffic Low Conversions The ending list of promises that you will reach number one and as your business grows alongside your online presence the return of your Investment (ROI) is limited or non-existent.
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  How Much Does it Cost To Be On Page One? Optimisteq Digital In-house Marketing. As you increase your traffic and authority, your paid marketing efforts increase the influence of your reach supporting your content and current SEO.  Is your current paid ads provider struggling to get your site on to the first page of Google for your company name and business services?   Growth is possible with understanding.  Generic campaigns with certain niches are known to fail especially in B2B Advertising. Specifically in growing businesses, discovery and research are an essential requirement by building the foundation to identifying the correct keywords, Voice of the Brand, Value Proposition (USP) and Benefits. With that in mind, reading this you may find that you have reached the maximum potential of your current provider and outgrown this campaign solution as there is no provision for flexibility.    OUR Marketing Triangle Of Influence.     Our Digital Marketing services are designed with our clients in mind, ranging from No Frills to Our High Performance Packages. Everybody is Welcome.  We work with all types of businesses, guiding and informing on a personal, professional and strategic level to increase growth of your business using pay per click (PPC) combined with SEO and your Content for progressive Marketing direction. Starting at your site we offer review and audit services for your business website and social media presence. What does getting to the top of page one require?   Current Site Check (SEO)   Google Adwords Account(PPC / PAID ADS)   Website (Current Website) Most of your customers won't go past the 3rd Page. your Campaign by setting up paid ad services you can supercharge your position in google resulting in    More traffic and visitors to you website   More leads and enquires to your business from being found on searches   Increased sales, orders and new business   We specialise in organic SEO using data driven analysis to increase the ranking position in Google.    Get a Head Start Into 2019 Digital Marketing. Click Our LOGO to open the contact page to get a review of your website now.         Lead By Design, Driven By Data. 0844 664 9943 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.