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Build Your Brand Using Design Thinking.
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Grow Your Brand Using Social Media.
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Scale Your Business with Paid Advertising.

Web Optimisation

Drive your customers effortlessly, generating valid and qualified leads.


Social Media

Paid Marketing combined with targeted content to get immediate results.


Ideal Customer

Data Driven, target the type of customers are searching for you.


Keywords Research

The most critical step to explore the positive and negative keyword combinations for your business.


Optimisteq Digital

Data Driven Marketing


Tracking and Analytics

Analyse results and gain momentum in your industry to increase authority and improve your search rankings.


PPC Audit and Setup

One Off Account Setup service for clients with no budget .


PPC Management

Stay on top of your own advertising campaign with our managed services.


PPC Optimisation

Discover using data and creativity for ways you can get better results from PPC.


Optimisteq Digital | Creative company that promotes better understanding of PPC and Social Media in business and designs marketing campaigns for local business in Kent and surrounding areas. Inspired by Design. I am @Optimisteq.

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We meet and exceed the needs of our busy clients, understanding that ultimately marketing is a deep and magical way of keeping people informed about what your business applications are and how your service will solve a problem.

Social Media accounts created

Website Templates Installed

Adwords Installations

Marketing Problems Solved


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 "Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving. "

 Custom data driven campaigns to create value for marketing as part of our dynamic strategy.



We apply a bidirectional approach to creating campaigns where we listen, integrate and enhance your on-line presence.
This helps achieve positive social and economic benefits depending on your requirements.
We focus our effort to create mutually beneficial partnerships for business, industry and the public sector.
Design Thinking, data driven marketing services provide innovative creativity backed with real time data that is used to contour existing and new campaigns for success in your niche.
We bring creativity and statistics together and shape business with design allowing you to really get in control of your Marketing.

We pride ourselves on providing Ethical, Respectful and Professional services for your business campaigns. 

Start Your Business Marketing Campaign With Us

Failed PPC campaign diagnosis and website SEO specialists helping get the most value for your budget. Contact us today.
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